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Small Outdoor Cotton American Flag Bunting - Burgundy- Navy- Cream 30" x 16"

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Small Outdoor Cotton American Flag Bunting - 30" Long 16" High

Don't let the Memorial Day or the fourth of July pass without hanging our American flag bunting. The perfect finishing touch to give your home that patriotic touch on any porch rail, window, or fence. This quality American Flag Bunting features 16 embroidered stars and stripes made of red/maroon, white/cream and blue heavy weave cotton fabric. Flag bunting is 30" x 16" with 3 grommets across the top. Colorfast/Outdoor Safe. Will weather over time.

Important Note: Colorfast/Outdoor Safe treatment minimizes color bleeding. Some color bleeding may be experienced if used outdoors, however it will minimize over time. All flags, regardless of material, weather over time when exposed to the elements of nature. Length of exposure, combined with the type of elements each flag is exposed to will have varying impact on it's durability. Please note that returns will not be accepted on flags due to weathering concerns.

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