Sipology by Steeped Tea - MATCHA- Sweet Lemonade Sticks 10 Pack .56oz

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$ 19.45

Sipology by Steeped Tea  - Matcha - Sweet Lemonade Sticks 10 Pack 

Single Serve Sweet Lemonade Matcha Sticks. Perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle. 
Simply tear open and add to 1 cup hot or cold water. 
Only 5 calories per stick!

Hot Matcha: Whisk packet in 1 cup hot water.
Cold Matcha: Whisk packet in 1 cup cold water.
Our matcha is specially formulated to work as a hot or cold drink.  You can also sprinkle it into your smoothies, cereal, oatmeal, or yogurt for an added boost of antioxidants and energy.  Our Sweet Matcha is lightly sweetened so you can indulge without the calories.  

 Matcha is a finely ground powder derived from special Japanese green tea leaves. It offers a caffeine boost yet still provides a calming effect, as it contains high levels of L-theanine. L-theanine is an amino acid that helps the body promote relaxation and focus. By drinking matcha, you will feel calm AND alert without the crashing effects of caffeine.

Did you know? Since matcha is a powder of whole green tea leaves; when you drink matcha you are ingesting the whole leaf and receiving 100% of the nutrients and antioxidants of the leaf.

Ingredients: Green tea, Sugar (organic cane sugar), Organic stevia extract, natural flavor.
Contains Naturally Occurring Caffeine


Bag size .56oz 


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