LOT OF 6- 3 1/2" Miniature Mason Jar CHRISTMAS TREE Light Globe w/ Removable Lid

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$ 42.85
$ 42.85

This is for Six (6) - 3 1/2" Miniature Mason Jar CHRISTMAS TREE Light Globe with Removable Lid

3½" x 1¼". The lid is removable. Decorate your tree with a larger version of our popular Mason jar ornaments! 

This ornament is a little larger than our original Mason jar ornament. These are the same size as our Mason salt and pepper jars.

 The lid features a rubber-lined hole that fits over any miniature Christmas light.

 The jar hangs from the light as your Christmas lights illuminate the jar. Remove the lid to add tinsel, photos, candies and more.

This miniature glass Mason Jar ornament works with any regular set of incandescent miniature Christmas lights. 

It is a replica of a regular sized antique Mason Jar from the 1880's Insert one of the bulbs from your Christmas lights into the top of the jar. The split rubber in the lid will hold the light and allow the jar to hang attractively from the string!

This ornament has a removable screw on lid, so you can decorate the inside of the jar with glitter, beads, or any other small attractive items.

Miniature Christmas lights NOT included.

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