Rustic Country Distressed Mailbox Metal Birdhouse

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$ 45.85
$ 45.85

  Rustic Country Distressed Mailbox  Metal Bird house

This really cute  distressed mailbox birdhouse is a great addition to your garden  .  Birds have an amazing ability to recall where they have been and where they found ample supplies of food and water.  With our birdhouse and bird feeders just imagine how many birds you'll attract to your garden.  Well maintained bird baths/feeders are a necessary source of nourishment for your feathered guests.  This delightfully charming bird bath will add beautiful charm to any backyard and will be a point of interest to all your visitors!
The Flag can to put up & down
  10" x 6½" x 7".15" of chain is supplied
 * All metal construction to last for years in rough outdoor environments
* Fashioned from weather finished metal for instant antique appeal

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