Classic Galvanized Green Naturally HomeGrown Bucket Storage

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$ 52.85
$ 52.85

Classic Galvanized Homegrown Bucket Storage Barrel 
perfect for wood, flowers
16½"W x 8"D x 7"T.  Store vegetables, fruits, or crafting supplies in this basket.
Today, genuine antique copper or galvanized boilers are expensive and very hard to find, because so many people have discovered  so many  storage and display uses for them.
These buckets are charming interpretations  of rustic galvanized boilers. The boilers are coated with a flat "weathered copper" lacquer finish, with parts of the galvanized finish showing through  to give an authentic "old" look to them.
These are outstanding nostalgic reproductions from the 1800s. You will love these for years, and pass them to your children as family heirlooms. 
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