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Assorted Backroads Collection Eyeglass Cases 15 Different Styles

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Assorted Backroads Collection Eye Glasses Cases Different Styles

These items are handmade using traditional methods passed down from generations. Indian craftspeople hand cut materials and assembled these items by hand.  The rustic nature of these items is part of their charm.  While we maintain strict quality control, no two items are identical is size and finish 

All cases are 7½"L x 3½"H. Canvas case for eye glasses. This padded pouch will keep your glasses safe and stylish. Includes a ticking lining.

1) These Boots are made for Walkin'

2) I only have eyes for you 

3) If in doubt wear MASSIVE sunglasses 

4) Retro Glasses 

5) Keep Calm and GO  Junking

4) They said carrots would be good for my eyes , they lied 

 5) I only have eyes for you 

 6) Eye Chart 

 7) Buck with Spectacles

 8) I Lov You

10) They said carrots would be good for my eyes,  THEY LIED

11) My doctor says I need Glasses

12) Long Live  Vintage

13) Life is too short to  be BORING

14) Camo Star


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