Classic Farmhouse Style 100% Natural Eco-Friendly Kettle Grove Jute Oval Braided Rugs

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$ 29.95
$ 29.95

Farmhouse Style 100% Natural Eco-Friendly Kelly Grove Jut Oval Braided Rugs


Kettle Grove Stenciled Star Jute Country Cottage Oval Braided Rug

 Enhance the look of your home with the Kettle Grove Jute Rug.

Alternating braids in black, warm creme, and soft caramel brown.

Featuring mixed braids of primitive colors for a classic country look.

Contains machine stitching that holds the braiding together even

with increased wear and tear.

Reverses to same as front.

with many nice sizes to choose from.

* 20" x 30"

* 24" x 36"

* 27" x 48"

* 36" x 60"

* 16.5” x 33” Half Circle

* Machine stitched
* 100% natural, eco-friendly jute

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