Primitive Gun Metal Finish Sydney Candle Lantern with Glass Chimney

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$ 49.00
$ 49.00

Sydney Vintage Candle Lantern Rustic Charm Glass Chimney Lighting Lanterns Decor

A Sydney-Vintage Candle Lantern adds a the perfect glow! It includes a sturdy glass chimney with a 5 1/2″ base and a chimney cap on top. The tall handle makes this stylish lantern easy to move and carry from room to room while lit.
This lovely vintage style tall candle lantern ads a rustic warmth to a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining area and so much more! Even enjoy outside for a garden and patio candle light.
Dimensions: 9″ dia. x 13″ tall.
Includes sturdy glass chimney with a 5 1/2″ base.
Candle not included.


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