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Steve Harvey, talk & game show host  is also a motivational speaker and one of the things he talks about is if you want to get anywhere in this world you have to "jump". You can't be a bystander if your dream is to lead the parade.That is what I have been doing most of my life,being a bystander watching life rush by me to afraid to jump.

After losing two sister-in-laws within a 5 month period in 2015 I realize how short life is and if I don't jump now I never will.  I am following my passion to plow my own path in this world to find what I am passionate about to be happy with ones self. A few of my passions are travel, golf, promoting made in America workers and manufacturers, giving back to others and finding lost treasure .

As I continue to build my online store you will see that is will reflect my passions. In the months to come I plan to promote small business owners by sharing some of their one of a kind handcrafted items, products you can't find on eBay or Amazon. Also expose you to items from under developed countries that will help feed & clothes children with the purchase of their products.

And of course share my passion for golf & travel with items for both , I 'll talk about that more in the near future along with my give back program. Why I chose Thelma for my store name.

I am sure most of you have seen the 1991 movie Thelma and Louise with Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon.

If not it will be for sale soon in my store, or you can find it Netflix. Even though I am more like Louise than Thelma , I chose the name because to me it represents that unbridled spirit within me to follow my heart and passion that gives me the fire inside to face another day.

Even though I have hated to punch a time clock and to follow the system all my life, I have mainly because I had others depending on me to follow the path that was put before me. All awhile this burning passion inside to be an entrepreneur my own boss , call the shots.This store helps eases the that fire.

So that is why I should Thelma to me it mean freedom to drive down the road of my choosing,( just hope it leads to the next golf course lolol ) and bring peace within. I hope you will stop back soon and join me on this journey as let the wind blow my hair and the sun beats down on my face as my store continues to grown and I share my passions with you.

Don't worry I don't plan on doing this anytime soon, I have to much to do see and explore but I love the view from up there. This is the 1991 trailer just in case you forgot.

Susan, aka Thelma


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